How to personalize an entire paragraph in a mail merge
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Ajay Goel Ajay Goel
Posted Jun 25, 2018 8 min read
How to personalize an entire paragraph in a mail merge
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One of GMass's most useful features is personalization, in which any words in the email can be personalized to each recipient. That could be, for example, the recipient's first name (the difference between, "Hi Bob" instead of "Hi there")–or any text you want to personalize.

Recently, a few users have asked about taking personalization to the next level: putting a whole paragraph of text in a spreadsheet column, and using that in the main body of their message.

That is possible with GMass, but with an important caveat for those using HTML email campaigns (which most campaigns are). That caveat is this: The text in the spreadsheet must contain HTML tags. If not, the text will run all together, since GMass just replaces the %%FieldName%% with the cell's value, and if it's an HTML campaign, then the text runs together.

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