9 Link Building Tools to Earn More High-Quality Links
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Posted Dec 21, 2020 8 min read
9 Link Building Tools to Earn More High-Quality Links
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You've finally done it. You've crafted the perfect piece of web content, optimized it for search engines, and published it on your company's site. Now you can kick back and wait for it to drive traffic!

After a few weeks, you see it's driving traffic, but not as much as you desire. Your content is already optimized for search engines, so what more can you do? Enter backlinks.

Backlinks are where third-party websites in your industry link to your site in their content. When reputable sites do this, it signals to Google that you're reputable as well. Not only can people discover your content when they come across the backlinks themselves, but they also become more likely to find it in Google since the backlinks will boost your position in rankings.

So, how can you put backlinks into action? The best way is to get help from some top-notch link building tools. There are several of these available online, and we'll look at nine of the best link building tools below.