3 ways to gamify your loyalty program with Oracle CrowdTwist
3 ways to gamify your loyalty program with Oracle CrowdTwist
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To maintain engagement with customers between purchases, many leading brands are now leveraging gamification, the application of game-playing elements to nongame environments.
Introducing gamification activities into loyalty programs helps drive program participation and motivates customers to take valuable actions, such as writing reviews and completing surveys. Brands benefit from learning more about their customers' behaviors and preferences, while customers reap the rewards earned.

Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement is a leading multi-channel loyalty program provider, helping brands deepen relationships with customers through spend and engagement. We offer several game mechanics that incentivize and reward customers for their brand interactions.
In this article, we'll examine how to leverage the Oracle CrowdTwist platform to create a fun gamified experience for your loyalty members.

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