Content Marketing: Not Just A Young Person's Game
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Content Marketing: Not Just A Young Person's Game
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Is content marketing a young person's game?

This question was asked by someone who was hesitant about going into content marketing after having had a career in marketing for quite some time.

They were inspired by some of the content they were seeing on Twitter and they said, "I like content marketing, but it is a young person's game."

Here's the thing:
✅ Content is not, in any way, a young person's game.

Content is an equal opportunity space where older folks could have a lot more perspective.

You could have:
New ideas
New angles
New connections
AND more.

The most important aspect of content is whether or not you understand some of the fundamentals of marketing like
Human psychology
The importance of adding value to your audience

Cover all of these bases and you will win with content irrespective of being young or "old."

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