Do B2B businesses need a social media strategy in 2019?
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Do B2B businesses need a social media strategy in 2019?
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Generating sales from social media can be as easy as posting photos of delicious food or enticing experiences. But what about businesses with products and services that aren't as glamorous? Is it worth it for B2B companies to have a social media strategy?

In short, yes. While it's true prospective customers may not first discover a B2B company on social media (over traditional B2B strategies like email marketing, cold calling, SEO, and Google Ads) it's likely they will eventually find or seek out social media accounts as proof of validity during their buying journey.

Having little or no activity on social media for months at a time may signal to potential customers that a company struggles to stay current, and could be the difference in winning or losing a sale.

Implementing a B2B social media strategy and scheduling posts in advance not only saves time throughout the year for other marketing tactics that actually lead to sales, but also lets businesses create consistent content that reinforces their brand to customers.

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