[Ebook] Understanding Targeted Display Advertising for B2B
[Ebook] Understanding Targeted Display Advertising for B2B
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elcome to marketing, where a downward trending line on a graph can call into question the existence of your
department and the value your role brings to your company. Lucky for us, seemingly every last part of what we do
can be measured. But because of that, the only thing worse than bad numbers is a complete absence of numbers
because you're not measuring anything. (You ARE measuring things, right??)
Digital advertising performance is no different. Yes, we get information down to the digit that tells us which ads
get clicks, but we don't always know why. A/B testing can help to point us to better performing ads, but how do
we get into the rhythm of consistently creating high-performing ads and campaigns? What we don't want is to
get into a position where numbers don't demonstrate effectiveness and we're not seeing a return on ad spend or
else that weekly metrics meeting can start to feel like a performance review (and not a positive one).
That's more than enough fear, uncertainty, and doubt for this conversation. We all know that sinking feeling that
comes with lackluster dashboard numbers, but the ability to measure just about everything means that the wins
we generate show up just as vividly. How do we ensure that we're launching campaigns that work?