HubSpot CRM Pro Tips: Maximize your productivity
Posted May 19, 2022
HubSpot CRM Pro Tips: Maximize your productivity
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A CRM is supposed to make your life easier – but if you're bouncing back and forth between email and your CRM interface, you're working too hard.

In this video we'll share a few strategies you can use to put automation and technology in the driver's seat. Learn how to maximize your productivity and work smarter, not harder, by leveraging the HubSpot and Gmail interface together in one place.

In this video we'll cover:
- Use cases for templates and tasks right inside of the Gmail/HubSpot connection
- Why and how to use HubSpot meetings within your email request
- How to add or update information in your CRM without leaving your email inbox

Note: This video is specific to HubSpot CRM and Gmail users. Functionality is similar to Microsoft 365 users, but does not look the same as shown in this video.

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