How to Find the Right Tone for Your Marketing Copy
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How to Find the Right Tone for Your Marketing Copy
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When you speak to others, your tone tells them a lot more than what you are actually saying. It may uncover your true feelings or provide a deeper meaning to what you are trying to express.

The same goes for any marketing copy you write-whether it is a blog post, article, press release, white paper, or website content. Any writing will always have a tone that goes beyond the words you are putting on the page. While you may have technical components that you need to include in your marketing copy, such as SEO or technical terms, you still want to transmit a feeling from what you are writing that evokes some type of emotional connection with your audience.

The tone is revealed through the word selection and order as well as the pace and rhythm you choose. For example, short sentences are often perceived as more honest, straightforward, and factual while those sentences with a lot of needless or wordy jargon may make a company appear as though they are somehow superior to others, (or at least think they are superior to others).

How another person looks at this tone and reads it is how they perceive your company, brand, and offering. Your tone can also set you apart from the competition. It's a way for your audience to get to know you and begin to establish trust. This tone can also influence and persuade that audience to buy your product or service.

Most likely, you'll want to accomplish all these objectives with the tone of your marketing copy but make sure your audience realizes you are not doing this in your writing. Instead, you want them to only see you are the best company for them.

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