Posted May 12, 2020 2 min read
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Vricon is a U.S. company serving the global professional geospatial market with technology that uses commercial satellite imagery to accurately represent all visible objects on the earth in 3D. Still in its infancy, the company relies on Meltwater to help generate awareness and establish relationships with media outlets writing about security, science, and technology.

"As a startup, we can't afford to waste time or money. Meltwater saves us time by accessing all social sites in one platform. We can prove the success of our work by seeing a campaign's reach and the results of influencers sharing our posts. I'd say from an efficiency standpoint, that is big!"

Identify and reach out to qualified journalists
"Meltwater is very easy to work with. I've created multiple contact lists for journalists based on keywords and countries. I have some that are tagged "geospatial," others "3D," and some more tagged "intelligence community." At any time I can pull these lists up and reach out to a journalist knowing they'll care about what I have to say."

Monitor and capitalize on media opportunities
"During my post-conference monitoring I found we were picked up by The Associated Press, which is really positive press, so I re-posted it to LinkedIn and elsewhere. Meltwater has been really good at tipping us off and cueing us to seize opportunities like this. With their product and people being global, I find articles I was unaware of and always have someone available for guidance when needed."

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