Capacity Planning: You're Doing it Wrong with Rhys Williams
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Massimo Chieruzzi Massimo Chieruzzi
Rhys Williams Rhys Williams
Posted Sep 27, 2022
Capacity Planning: You're Doing it Wrong with Rhys Williams
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It's officially annual planning season, and most companies are struggling with capacity planning. This will be a discussion around the process for working with Finance to ensure that the budget and BoD targets align with existing/forecasted resources and investments, specifically including:

1) Building an all revenue (Marketing, SDR, Sales, PS, & CS) bottoms-up capacity plan model
2) Partnering with finance to align it to the top-down budget/BoD targets
3) Identifying deltas in the bottoms-up vs. top-down model and working with key stakeholders to address these deltas
4) Creating a process to review key assumptions on an ongoing basis to see how the team is tracking against them

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