Trim Your Video For Turnstile
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Dave Cole Dave Cole
Posted Nov 26, 2013
Trim Your Video For Turnstile
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It's great to keep viewers engaged throughout your video, but those last few seconds are super important if you're using Turnstile (our post-roll email collector) or a post-roll call-to-action. Even if people loved what you had to say overall, ending your video the wrong way can mean they'll never see the post-roll, and miss out on the chance to stay up to date with your content!

If you're using Turnstile today, check out your video's engagement graph to see how long your viewers are sticking around. See a big chunk of viewers dropping off at the end? Try tightening things up! Keeping the end of your video nice and short is a simple, effective way to grow your audience.

If you haven't taken Turnstile for a spin yet, try adding it to one of your videos today! Turnstile is one of the many ways you can Customize your videos.