How to prioritize the right features your customers will love to use?
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How to prioritize the right features your customers will love to use?

Developing new features is usually the most exciting part of working for a product company. The rewards of continuously enhancing a product and exceeding customer expectations are more valuable than any other perks of being a part of a product-based company.

But how can we choose which features to prioritize and which ones to defer for later? Now that's a difficult question to answer.

Thankfully, talking regularly to customers offers a lot of valuable insights into developing your product. You may not even realize it, but you may be getting new feature requests from customers from all directions-oftentimes in the form of emails, phone calls, support tickets, or other customer interactions.

The challenge is to identify these data signals and organize them into coherent information so that product managers can prioritize the most promising features into the development cycle.

Prioritizing features is a continuous process for product teams-you must first collaborate to evaluate the cost of the requests, analyze the competitive landscape, and gather available resources while keeping your business goals in mind. It's a tricky balancing act-to say the least.

In this blog, we will go through two main topics:

1.Important factors to consider when prioritizing requests
2.Tips to prioritize them using common frameworks

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