#18 contentfolks ft. Fio Dossetto
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#18 contentfolks ft. Fio Dossetto
The Newsletter Nerd Show The Newsletter Nerd Show
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Meet Fio Dossetto.

A lover of em dashes and sticky notes, she writes the contentfolks newsletter to help marketers create content that truly serves the audience.

When she's not writing the newsletter, she works on other interesting projects like this. And for a kid who always found joy in words, the opportunity to create a comic book about email delivery dogs and having 'spread joy' as a success metric is a wild dream coming true!

In this episode, we talk about opinionated editors-em dash is THE best punctuation mark of all time, don't fight me-finding joy in words, giving yourself permission to be silly, unlearning things as a newsletter creator and a whole lot more!

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