Easy ways to customize the HubSpot Sidebar
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Posted Jun 24, 2022
Easy ways to customize the HubSpot Sidebar
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Want to customize the HubSpot sidebar for maximum productivity, instead of being stuck with the default settings?

Navigating the default view for HubSpot contact records can be a hassle if it means you need to click and scroll around more before finding the pages or contact information you need. Thankfully, this is an easy problem to fix with a customized sidebar.

In this video we'll cover how to do that:
- How to access the drag and drop settings to put the most useful properties on top
- How to add new properties to the existing sidebar customization options for your organization
- How to create useful sidebar properties like "Conversion information" with everything you need in one place

We'll also go over some useful tips available on any plan, such as conditional properties that will only show up when they're relevant.

Better still, when you customize your sidebar setup, the settings ONLY apply to you, so it won't affect your other team members.

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