How To Create Profitable Amazon Bundles [7 Expert Tips]
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How To Create Profitable Amazon Bundles [7 Expert Tips]
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If you've ever bought a value meal with french fries, a burger, and a coke, you're already familiar with the power of bundling.

Also called "packaged deals," product bundles include several goods and services sold to consumers in one combined package. The pricing of the total bundle is typically less than the individual items, making it an enticing deal for customers. For sellers, it's an easy way to boost conversion.

But bundles aren't limited to fast-food chains. Given the power of bundling to increase revenue, they've infiltrated the ecommerce industry. Selling bundles on Amazon has become a popular way for sellers to drive online sales based on consumer demand. In this article, we'll explore product bundles – the pros and the cons – so you can see if it's right for your ecommerce strategy. We've also included 7 expert tips to help you create profitable Amazon bundles.

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