Proximity Marketing In Retail: Let's Get 'Phygital'
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Neeraj Purohit Neeraj Purohit
Proximity Marketing In Retail: Let's Get 'Phygital'
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Imagine you are excited to buy a pair of new sneakers that have just been released. You search for them on the retailer's website and mobile app multiple times, but they are already out of stock. Then one day you go to the mall with friends and receive a push notification on your phone, saying the sneakers you were looking for are now available in a retail outlet inside the mall. To add to your delight, you'reoffered an exclusive discount of 20%–just for you.

This is what proximity marketing is all about: communicating with customers at the right place, at the right time, with highly relevant and personalized messages. This advanced technology finds mobile users who are close to a specific sensor or beacon situated on a company's premises and targets them with compelling marketing messages.