Posted Jul 26, 2021 4 min read
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Satisfy a wide range of communication goals, both inbound and outbound

"We'd just announced that Thierry Henry was becoming our manager, which was a very big hire. A lot of coverage was coming our way , so we wanted to be able to track it. But now we also use Meltwater to send out press releases, use keywords to pull together our morning reading, and identify outlets to target."

Engage with their supporters in multiple languages, locally and globally

"We need to be relevant in two languages, English and French. If we're not, we miss out on 50% of the population. Using Meltwater, we're able to see who's talking about us in either language and that's definitely a big plus."

Achieve a clearer understanding of fan sentiment via in-depth analysis

"Meltwater is useful in showing fan sentiment around the rebrand. Because these are facts. When we look deeply into likes, comments, and emoji use, we arrive at the real numbers. People who understand data look at the results and say yes, this makes sense."