Revenue Excellence Summit: 2021 Vision Week on Annual Planning
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Richard Sgro Richard Sgro
Sanj Sanampudi Sanj Sanampudi
Samantha McKenna Samantha McKenna
Venketesh Iyer Venketesh Iyer
Ryann Morrow Ryann Morrow
Jacki Leahy Jacki Leahy
 Gabe Larsen Gabe Larsen
Debbie Stevens Debbie Stevens
Michael Hanson Michael Hanson
Matt Wheeler Matt Wheeler
Michael Tuso Michael Tuso
 Ainee Dehradunwala Ainee Dehradunwala
Jacco van der Kooij Jacco van der Kooij
Eric Martin Eric Martin
 Brooke Julicher Linn Brooke Julicher Linn
 Marcus Knight Marcus Knight
Kyle Coleman Kyle Coleman
 Ethan Zoubek Ethan Zoubek
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Revenue Excellence Summit: 2021 Vision Week on Annual Planning

We brought the revenue leadership community together for four days of 2021 Planning content. There was learning, educating, networking, and lots of 80's puns. Below, you'll be able to watch the panels, keynote session, and masterclasses from the live event.
Interested in the virtual salons, wine downs, and the comedy in sales networking sessions? Unfortunately, these events were only available for those who attended live.

Preview of The Juice
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