Perfect delivery: Three building blocks to success
Perfect delivery: Three building blocks to success
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Without a doubt every industry has been affected when it comes to supply chain disruptions, but retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies have been at the center of the pandemic storm. At its very onset, companies sourcing from Asia were forced to identify product substitutions, and sometimes even ration products, given shortages from this region. As the pandemic spread globally, nearly every company was forced to re-allocate massive amounts of available stock to avoid regional and country shortages. Remember the run on hand sanitizer and toilet paper in March and April? That was just a microcosm of what the segment faced overall. At its most extreme, companies were even forced to rethink how they service entire distribution networks, due to the perfect storm of retail closures combined with the dramatic uptake of online-ordering and home delivery.

The massive shift in consumer behavior, toward digital channels and at-home delivery, is forcing our customers to rethink strategies to sustain their brands, differentiate their offerings, and enhance customer loyalty. To remain competitive, we believe a strategic imperative should be delivering excellent customer service paired with timely delivery – the perfect delivery.

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