What is a Microapp?
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What is a Microapp?

The reason this has been so important lately is due to expectations of younger generations entering and leading the organization of the future. That is, as millennials and Gen Z make up a larger percentage of the workforce, their demands become more important for businesses to adapt to an evolving landscape, with trends like the "customer experience" and "employee experience."

Add to that the pandemic that forced organizations to go digital or die overnight, and it's easy to see why the digital transformation imperative has grown so rapidly. That's why Accenture research has shown that digital leaders "are growing revenues 5x faster than laggards today, versus only 2x faster between 2015 to 2018."

This is a critical point. This is also why microapps have become so important in recent years.

So, what's a microapp? A microapp is an interactive content platform built for the new age of communication. The no-code story builder lets teams create, share, and edit their content anywhere, anytime, with actionable analytics to scale their impact. It can be formatted for mobile applications as well as desktop viewing.

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