How the Paper Shortage Hurts Your Business - Foxit PDF Blog
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Posted Feb 8, 2022 4 min read
How the Paper Shortage Hurts Your Business - Foxit PDF Blog
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As if using paper wasn't already cumbersome enough, now there's another reason to make the switch to electronic signatures: paper shortages. Over the past year, global supply chains and shipments have been impacted by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, causing shortages and in turn driving up costs of goods around the world. Cargo containers full of consumer items were stuck on the shores, leading to long delivery times well after they were ordered. Printing paper was no exception. Paper mills slowed production or shuttered due to labor shortages, impacting envelopes, paper bags and beyond. This means that printing paper is not only in short supply, but it's also cost much more this year to procure. Businesses still dependent on paper to communicate information or close deals will no doubt feel the pinch of the supply chain crisis, which could extend well into 2022. The current shortage can cause bottlenecks in your existing workflows [...]

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