What CPQ Can Really Do For You - No. 3: Better Looking Quotes and Proposals
What CPQ Can Really Do For You - No. 3: Better Looking Quotes and Proposals

In this on-going series of blogs that dive deep into the benefits that CPQ can bring, we've looked at how CPQ can help your salespeople sell faster and how it can give your organization better control of margins.
Now let's consider the 'Q' in CPQ - better looking quotes (and proposals).

When I speak to salespeople about creating quotes and proposals, I always get conflicting stories. All of them value the impact that a well written quote or proposal can have. But, but many also resent the time they spend compiling and crafting a document, rather than being free to focus on relationship building and selling.

The alternative is often to use a template developed by the Marketing department. However, if it's too prescriptive, it can come across as bland and doesn't reflect the relationship that a salesperson has with their customer.

Added to this, very few salespeople are good designers. Even if they have those skills, assembling a well-designed document is a time-consuming task. When salespeople have people to see and targets to hit, corners are often cut.
When I asked our branding agency InnerVisions ID to describe some of the biggest 'crimes against branding' they see in customer facing documents, they told us to watch out for the following.

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