Planning Your 2nd Half to Hit Annual Goals
Posted Jul 20, 2019 17 min read
Planning Your 2nd Half to Hit Annual Goals
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Here we are in July (or August). Your company is trying to make sure the ship is on-course to meet revenue targets. And of course, the natural questions come pouring in from the CEO. Did marketing hit its numbers? Where are you on your year-end marketing goals? Are we on track? If not, how do we get from here to the finish line, with confetti and flying colors?
These questions are straightforward but very dense. Your CEO is essentially looking for a roadmap for hitting year-end goals (with confidence, might I add). For performance-driven marketers, creating this roadmap is a step-by-step process that can be worked through very methodically and scientifically. We at Full Circle Insights, being huge fans of deriving insights out of analytics, are laying out this scientific approach to creating the second half plan. The below illustrates the steps and discusses them in summary

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