You're Just A Brand - Enter Oracle Engagement Cloud
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You're Just A Brand - Enter Oracle Engagement Cloud
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Many of you have built robust service and sales organizations. Your highly trained service teams stand by to answer any customer questions. Your sales teams are carefully organized by territory and industry to ensure that every customer gets the necessary attention they deserve. Partners are in place. Your marketing campaigns are dialed in and every team works together smoothly like the gears of a Swiss Watch. Sounds great, right?

However, the customer only sees the face of the watch. The people, processes, technology and brilliant organizational engineering pass through unappreciated from engagement-to-engagement because to the customer, you're not a well-oiled machine. You are just a brand...and that is how it should be!

Customers should never have to build a watch to get the time. They shouldn't have to connect the gears among marketing, sales and service, nor figure out how to "game the system." They expect a seamless operation regardless of their point of engagement–whether they talk to your sales reps or your service agents, it's all the same to them.

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