How to make a big move to in-demand, "as-a-service" business models
How to make a big move to in-demand, "as-a-service" business models
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In 2020, our humble homes became the essential support beam for both human health and business continuity, something that wouldn't have been possible without "as-a-service" applications for food delivery, physician care, day-to-day job responsibilities, and more.

The as-a-service business model certainly isn't new. Everything from music to movies to maintenance can be delivered using a subscription model. But it's fair to say that people value these services now more than ever, and they are an emerging opportunity for businesses looking to build new revenue streams.

In fact, many businesses are already there. In an October 2020 survey, 62 percent of all companies said they've implemented solutions to manage an increased demand for online interactions and services. And more than half of respondents (53 percent) believe the change will stick after the pandemic subsides, as consumers and customers settle into the "next normal."

Introducing new revenue streams based on the as-a-service shift is one of four Big Moves that finance leaders should make to grasp opportunity and move their businesses forward.