How to Use the HubSpot LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration
Posted Nov 24, 2020
How to Use the HubSpot LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration
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HubSpot and LinkedIn Sales Navigator are two powerful tools by themselves - but when they're combined, they can transform you into a super productive sales professional. Not only can you match your contact records right with LinkedIn profiles, but you can also add contacts to sales navigator lists as well as send InMail right inside the HubSpot interface.

In this video we'll show you:
- Where to find the Hubspot LinkedIn sales navigator integration in the app ecosystem
- What it costs
- How to connect LinkedIn and HubSpot
- What features you get through the integration
- How to send InMail through LinkedIn - directly in HubSpot
- What it looks like to move from HubSpot to LinkedIn Sales Navigator

It's a great value-add for any sales team. Note: Sales Navigator does cost additional outside of HubSpot, but the integration itself is free.

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