Every Content Marketer Should Watch This Video
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Every Content Marketer Should Watch This Video
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What do you do after pressing publish on a new piece of content?

When I say a piece of content, I'm talking about a piece of content that is worth distributing forever.

This is what you do.

Day 1

- Press publish
- Tweet about that content on your company and personal accounts
- Share it on your LinkedIn company and personal accounts
- Share it in your Slack community consisting of your employees, and everybody on your squad
- Email everyone you mentioned in the piece and send them a link to the post
- DM your friends with a link to the content
- Send out an email to your newsletter subscribers and let them know that your piece of content is live
- Send that content to your sales team for them to use it to reach out to cold, warm, and hot leads

Day 2

- Go into a community where your audience hangs out and share your content there. These communities include forums, Slack groups, Facebook groups, Discord groups, and more.
- Go to Reddit and find a subreddit where your audience spends time. You're going to understand the type of content that works in the subreddit and you're going to contribute and include that link to your article in a subreddit post.

Day 3

- Repost the same piece of content on Twitter, LinkedIn, on Facebook, but be sure to write the social media post differently
- Repeat the above step in the morning and at night because people could use social media at different times of the day
- Go to the Quora community and check if anybody is asking questions that your content answers. Found a suitable question? Answer it and link to your content

Day 4, 5, 6, 7

- Remix your content
- Turn your content into a carousel, reel, and story, and post it on instagram
- Turn your content into a video and share it on YouTube
- Turn your content into a slide deck and share it on SlideShare
- Upload your content to medium.com and LinkedIn pulse and include a link to your original article

Rinse and repeat this process.

And when you do this, you'd have embraced the beautiful and revenue-driven concept of "Create once, distribute forever."

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