How to Turn Your Living Room into a Waiting Room
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How to Turn Your Living Room into a Waiting Room
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Waiting rooms are synonymous with two things: boredom and discomfort.

But they don't have to be. While you usually find waiting rooms at doctors' offices (or worse, the dentist), your home business may need a waiting room to keep clients comfortable until you're able to meet with them. If you run your business from your home, then that waiting room might also double as your living room.

That first look that customers have of your home-based business speaks volumes about what to expect. Here are a few ways you can outfit your home business-and it's about more than just finding the perfect chairs (though that doesn't hurt either).

1. Show some hospitality
2. Keep an eye on things
3. Provide Wi-Fi access
4. Place plants around the room
5. Give control of the lights
6. Install a charging station