Managing risk for a more resilient and agile supply chain
Managing risk for a more resilient and agile supply chain
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As supply chains continue to recover from the disruption created by COVID-19, are they prepared for the next wave of disruption? Recalibrating and optimizing your supply chain planning during and post COVID-19 will be critical for business success. Using historical data as a predictor for future supply chain plans will have limitations. Does your team have the tools required to model different scenarios that will allow them to visualize impact across the company? Do they need to run multiple data extracts and create reports before they can provide results of a scenario? Now multiply this by a minimum of 10x and how many hours of effort will be required? Can you move from a monthly planning mode to a near real-time mode of planning to address a specific disruption while understanding the direct impact on the cash flow of the company?

During and post COVID-19, how you recalibrate and optimize your supply chain and financial planning will be critical for business success to prepare for the next wave of disruption. New analysis and models will be required to compute future supply chain plans, as well as model multiple scenarios. Extracting data, analyzing and modeling will need to be done near real-time to be able to respond effectively. Develop a phased approach to your Control Tower journey to suit your needs, but the foundation can be established in 60 days or less.

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