How to Create a Brand Identity in 5 Steps
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How to Create a Brand Identity in 5 Steps
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Your brand identity defines the unique "personality" of your business. It's the way through which you paint a pretty picture of your company's ethos, goals, and unique selling point (USP), and show it off to the waiting eyes of the world. Brand identity is how you forge that essential link with your audience, what people will buy into – how you'll win new customers, re-engage with existing ones, and turn one-time buyers into lifelong brand ambassadors.

In a digital space now more saturated than ever before, brand identity is what helps your business stand out from the rest. If that is, you get it right.

So let us help.

Below, we walk you through everything you need to know to research, design, and implement a bankable brand identity – then monitor the traction it gets on the slippery streets of the online space.

We'll also cover the basics – what brand identity is, why you should care about it, and what you shouldn't do – as well as dive deeper into some of our favorite real-world examples of brand identity.

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