Marketing insights from over 50 million customer phone calls
Marketing insights from over 50 million customer phone calls
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The lines that neatly divided channels, even the digital and real world, no longer exist. Omnichannel is not a buzzword, it's the reality of today's customer journey. Here are a few stats that demonstrate just how much people are seamlessly moving between channels.
The stakes for getting omnichannel marketing right are high. In fact, high-performing marketers are more than 34 times as likely to create personalized, omnichannel customer experiences across all business units.4

Why you can't do omnichannel without phone calls
The question is: How can you create a consistent and seamless experience when you're blind to the most important customer interaction?

While marketers are busy focusing on the digital side, they are completely unaware what is happening over the phone. As a result, they inadvertently undermine their omnichannel efforts.

Phone calls are one of the most common points of engagement
Businesses are getting more customer phone calls than ever thanks to the rise of mobile. BIA/Kelsey reports that by 2019 businesses will get 162 billion customer phone calls from mobile - that's more than double the number of calls in 2014. And according to recent research from Invoca, more than twice as many people prefer to contact a business via the phone than an online form.5 People, even millennials, are calling businesses more than ever, and it's the most important interaction a person can have with a brand. Of all the interactions to track and optimize, phone calls should be at the top of every omnichannel marketer's list.

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