Creating A B2B Ecommerce Strategy
Creating A B2B Ecommerce Strategy
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Creating a B2B ecommerce strategy is not as difficult as you think.

You need to start with understanding the psychology of humans because humans want to hear from other people.

So what does that mean?

It means that you as the content creator want to compare your product to other products and start developing reviews.

You could do this by leveraging influencer brands.

Take inspiration from websites like Wirecutter where they analyze a handful of different products. You can do the same thing, even in B2B.

Sure, your product might have a higher price point.

But if you can compare and analyze your product versus someone else's, that content is likely to be in high demand by your audience. Searches for product A vs product B happen in search engines every single day.

So, try creating comparison content that ranks and ultimately aligns by telling the story that your product is better than the competitors. That's exactly how you win when developing an ecommerce strategy.

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