The Path to CX Excellence for B2B Marketers
The Path to CX Excellence for B2B Marketers
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In our first blog that introduced "The Path to CX Excellence," we talked about every brand's path being unique. The path you follow depends on your current business priorities across marketing, sales, commerce, customer service, and field service. This blog post explores the path an organization might take if they want to improve their B2B marketing. Thus its title: "The Path to CX Excellence for B2B Marketers."
In 1993, I was given my first email address while working for a small private company. It seemed like magic! How could we have ever done business without this amazing communication tool? We used ACT! (Account Contact Tracking) to manage our contacts and sent "bulk" emails to groups of contacts to communicate about important business opportunities.

It was an exciting, cost-efficient way to communicate-faster than the post office and cheaper than a phone call. As email popularity grew in the 90's, we were hungry to add any business associates into the contact database. Too late to call a contact? No problem. Send an email! It changed the way we did business almost overnight.
Marketers took advantage of this new channel and next built a presence on what we called the "World Wide Web," aka the Internet. Thus began the digital age of marketing.

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