Stop your emails from being marked as spam
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Stop your emails from being marked as spam
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Spam filters do a great job keeping out most of the junk. Few of us see the pleas from princes any more or are bothered by the purveyors of pills and potions promising to make us, thinner, smarter, sexier, and much more. Even the subtly spurious stuff that is often just a phishing scam seldom gets through. This is mostly because technology has improved enough that junk email is gradually being relegated to the rubbish bin of email marketing history. (Hopefully.)

These advances in spam detection have had the unforeseen side-effect of making it increasingly difficult for small businesses to reach their target audience with their offers and promotions. Without realizing it many small business marketers are spending a lot of time writing, then sending messages no one will ever see.

Email can be an effective tool for small businesses to generate revenue, nurture leads, and close business. Keap can help small businesses take emails to the next level.

For your business to have a fighting chance, you've got to keep your emails from being marked as spam..