87 Amazon Statistics and Facts Every Retailer Should Know
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87 Amazon Statistics and Facts Every Retailer Should Know
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When I shop for anything online, the first place I check is Amazon. It's easy, offers fast shipping, and my credit card and home address are already saved. In a world where convenience is key, it's the obvious choice. And I'm not alone.

Amazon revolutionized the world of eCommerce years ago, but the pandemic is where it really shined.

The marketplace took on the challenges of COVID-19 and capitalized on consumers' needs for buying everything, and we mean everything online. Between groceries, home goods, health supplements, electronics, and even furniture. There really isn't anything you can't find on Amazon anymore. It makes sense that last year nearly 50% of all eCommerce purchases in the U.S. happened through Amazon.

Using data from Similarweb Shopper Intelligence and Digital Research Intelligence, we're diving into 87 key Amazon statistics you need to know to make sure that you get the most of your marketplace listings and set yourself up for success in the eCommerce world.