How This Dance Community Pivoted to Virtual Events
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Quinne Myers Quinne Myers
Posted Apr 20, 2020 4 min read
How This Dance Community Pivoted to Virtual Events
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A full century has passed since Lindy Hop was born in 1920s Harlem, but this joyful, physically expressive form of partnered swing dance continues to capture hearts today. Lindy Hoppers have built a sub-culture composed of jazz fanatics and dance enthusiasts excited about the incredible history and sporty physical collaboration that Lindy Hop brings. During most of the year, modern Lindy Hoppers attend regular classes, go to evening-long dances and competitions with anywhere from 10 to 200 other people, and even travel to week-long overnight camps, where participants dance together from dawn till dusk.  Of course, with COVID-19, none of

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