How to Generate More Leads: A Crash Course in Analytics
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How to Generate More Leads: A Crash Course in Analytics
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While word of mouth and networking may be instrumental to your business' success in driving leads, we can all agree that a website is a critical piece to the puzzle. Digital mediums have the power to reach those in places and audiences you may never have access to traditionally. In addition, it's a tool for inbound marketing, meaning the visitors are the ones doing all the work in their interest to find you. No door knocking involved.

With tactics like landing pages, offer incentives, and pop-ups for lead generation flooding the internet, how can we know what's effective? What's driving not only the most leads, but the most relevant leads that convert to customers?

A properly set up Google Analytics account contains a wealth of information about a buyer's journey and how leads convert. Understanding what information to look for and what it all means can help you replicate success to generate even more leads. If you're not yet familiar with Google Analytics, these tips can help you gain more control over lead generation.

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