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Why You Should be Hiring Veterans for Sales Roles
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It's an irony not lost on those who live it. Veterans who seek work after leaving the service often have a more challenging time finding and maintaining fulfilling and steady employment. A recent study by LinkedIn found that 33% of veterans are underemployed, meaning they either don't have enough paid work or work that effectively utilizes their abilities. This underemployment rate is 15.6% higher for veterans than civilians, causing veterans to face an uncomfortable truth: that the country they fought to serve isn't fighting as hard to serve them in return. The collateral damage of this oversight includes the sales industry. By and large, veterans have the determination, perseverance, and high caliber output required for success in a sales role. Sales leaders who work to bridge the hiring gap between veterans and sales roles are certain to gain a valuable addition to their company. Here's why you should be looking to hire more veterans for sales roles and what you need to know about the process.

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