Translating Analytics into Action: Right Metrics, Right Time
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Translating Analytics into Action: Right Metrics, Right Time
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Translating analytics to action

As you see in the cartoon above, translating analytics to action is fraught with problems. Not the least of which is the political nature of organizational decision-making.

When it comes to ROI, we see lots of organizations jumping on the analytics bandwagon-happy to have more insight into which pages, which messages, which segments are driving returns. A whole host of digital tools can transform your data into pretty dashboards to help improve ROI.

Overall, businesses do a great job of monitoring, understanding, and using ROI information-translating it into effective actions. These relatively simple metrics guide managers on which messages, segments, products, and channels are working best, allowing them to tweak strategy to improve market performance. Still, you sometimes run into issues of data quality and politics that impede implementation of the right actions based on available data.

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