Oracle Engagement Cloud: The Evolution of a Name
Oracle Engagement Cloud: The Evolution of a Name
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It was Shakespeare who knowingly said, "what's in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." And while a rose, would certainly have the same smell no matter what name you'd call it – the truth of the matter is, in the world of business, names carry great weight. And sometimes a name needs to be modified to hold truth to the transition and growth of what it once was to what it is, now.

For over two years, Oracle has been developing Engagement Cloud, the cornerstone of the CX suite, which unifies sales and service and builds in automatic connections to marketing, commerce, CPQ and more. And since Engagement Cloud includes all Sales Cloud functionality, it's come to retire the Sales Cloud name in favor of the broader offering that encompasses sales and more. You may ask 'Why not just leave the name, Sales Cloud? Why are you changing it?' Great questions. The answer is because our customers are also changing – they've evolved.

These days, end user customers don't differentiate between sales and service. They expect a seamless process through every engagement point. As Kate Leggett from Forrester states, "Sales and service organizations need the right data, information, and insights about their customers at the right time - and in context, so that they can focus on nurturing relationships instead of data entry."

Oracle Engagement Cloud is the solution that allows service and sales representatives to switch from requests and sales calls, bridging the chasm between their sales and service departments to create a unified customer experience.

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