How CVBs Are Helping Planners During COVID-19 | Cvent Blog
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How CVBs Are Helping Planners During COVID-19 | Cvent Blog
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Here's the challenge. How do you gather accurate meeting planning information during a pandemic? As you know, each state has different COVID-19 response plans and mandates. These mandates seem to change every week, further blurring your options. You have a job to do, but it's difficult to do without having expert assistance on the ground - at the destination.

Since the pandemic intensified in March 2020, CVBs, like the DMCVB, have turned their focus toward gathering and disseminating information about the pandemic's impact on their destinations. Member-based CVBs have connected with their members to coordinate reopening plans and safety guidelines. Hotels, attractions, event venues are relying on their CVBs to advocate for their city as they work to adapt to the new environment.

Before the pandemic, CVBs were optional for many organizations - now, they are essential for the success of any event. Smart meeting planners are creating CVB connections today that will support their future planning.