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Is community building for everyone? : with Yaag and Manish
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In this episode, Manish Nepal, the founder of Marketing Impact, and I discuss whether it makes sense to build a B2B community. We discussed how we at The ABM Conversations podcast built one and failed badly. Here are the timestamps of the key points discussed:

3:18 Does building a community make sense for all? Everyone talks about its benefits; you hear virtue statements like "build a community before you build your product?" but the reality is far from it. The question is – can it even be a universal formula for everyone. And why you shouldn't be comparing B2C communities and B2B communities.

8:04 A Few things that led us to assume that The ABM Conversations Podcast needs a community around it – and how it wasn't to be. We talk about how it was either bad execution or flawed interpretation of data signals. We spoke in detail about how we went about our execution.

12:00 Does community building need a different skillset? What makes B2B communities like Peak Community and RevGenius work well? Summary of what we think are the top-most issues with building communities in today's date.

18:25 Are you better off focusing on your core than building a community? Or do you have a clear purpose for how your community will help people? Do you have something to offer as leverage for people? And finally, do you have what it takes?

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