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Kishore Kothandaraman Claimed
Co-Founder at Goldcast | Helping B2B marketers run engaging events | Harvard Business School
Co-Founder, Goldcast. Took a break from my MBA at Harvard Business School to start the company. Previous experience in consulting (BCG) and General Management (Corporate finance/Acted as Chief of Staff to senior executives). Passionate about the startup ecosystem - entrepreneurship, early-stage startups, and VC investing.
Ryan Law Claimed
VP of Content at Animalz - We're hiring! ✨
I’m a content marketer that’s worked with a whole heap of startups and enterprise companies, including Google, GoDaddy, Clearbit, ProfitWell and Hotjar. I’m currently Director of Marketing at the remote marketing agency Animalz. Before that, I co-founded a marketing agency, freelanced as a marketing consultant and copywriter, reviewed beers, designed t-shirts and tended bar.
Jay Acunzo Claimed
Podcast Host, Unthinkable | Author, Speaker, Tinkerer
I host the podcast Unthinkable, write the weekly newsletter Playing Favorites, and develop podcasts and docuseries for mission-driven brands, authors, and entrepreneurs. I'm also a frequent keynote speaker, and the author of the book Break the Wheel. It is my personal, professional mission to help others make work that matters -- to their careers, their companies, and their communities. I see creativity as a form of problem solving and leadership. It's a means of raising your hand to lead and investigate and improve things, and I want to help others frame their work as such. That can help us see the work and the world better and differently. Before becoming a content entrepreneur, I held marketing and media roles at Google, HubSpot, and the VC firm NextView. My biggest ambition and maybe grandest delusion is to be the Anthony Bourdain of business storytelling :)
Tristan Pelligrino Claimed
I run a done-for-you podcasting service for B2B tech marketers
I'm the Co-Founder of Motion and I help small marketing teams at B2B technology companies launch and run podcasts. The video podcasts I produce help customers publish more high-quality content consistently, develop new relationships within their industry, and get their team excited about marketing again.
Chris Savage
Founder, CEO at Wistia, Inc
I get excited (and loud) about building things. I like to be surrounded by passionate, smart, and driven people. Fortunately, this happens every day with the amazing team at Wistia. Specialities: Startups, Marketing, Analytics, Video Things I get excited about: Creative brands, Disruptive business models, Cold brew coffee, and Work/life balance. Speaking of getting excited about things, I have a new podcast out called Talking Too Loud. I get to talk to some of the greatest minds behind today’s most innovative brands to hear how they’re overcoming business challenges and learn about the things that inspire them. Listen here →
Mark Healy
VP of Content at Ceros, Creative Leader, Editor, Data-Driven Content Marketer, Podcast Producer
Mark Healy was trained in journalism, found his groove in tech, and continues to evolve in his commitment to exceptional storytelling. He is currently VP of Content at Ceros, a creative software company where his team drives brand awareness and lead gen content through Ceros’ editorial sites, social channels, and marketing campaigns. Healy has a track record of creating top tier original content (text, video, audio or interactive design) and promoting it across multiple platforms in an intentional, data-driven way. Over his career, he’s built and led creative teams, finding and nurturing extraordinary talent and inspiring them to do the best work of their careers. He is an idea generator who knows when to lead, when to listen, and how to transform a good idea into a great one. Prior to being the Editor in Chief of Men’s Journal, he held senior positions at GQ, Rolling Stone, and Details. He has written for The New York Times, New York, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Travel & Leisure, et al. His side hustle is finding great stories and helping them reach their full potential. He is currently ghostwriting a forthcoming book with a prominent speaker and best-selling author; he is also the executive producer of a nonfiction narrative podcast in development with iHeartMedia.