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Ethan Beute Claimed
Wall Street Journal bestseller: Human-Centered Communication 📖 Learn to break through ever-increasing digital noise and pollution, build trust and engagement, and grow reputation and revenue.
Goals: 👋🏾 To help you communicate, connect, and convert in a more personal and human way ☀️ To wake up every day excited to make things and to make things more effective 👪 To invest in my family 🌳 To be outside 💰 To require less, spend less, and give more 🌎 To leave things better than I found them Specialty Short List: 🎧 Podcast host - The Customer Experience Podcast. 🎓 Educator - content writer, producer, and editor; speaker and presenter. 📙 Author - Rehumanize Your Business (Wiley, 2019). 📒 Author - Human-Centered Communication (Fast Company Press, 2021). 🔬 Marketing strategist. Messaging specialist. Branding enthusiast. 🎯 Multi-channel and multi-media campaign builder. Specialty Longer List: Content creation | Collaborative participation | Teaching & training | Listening | Connecting goals to strategies to tactics | Short form promotional messaging | Speaking - particularly when well-versed and personally passionate about the topic | Writing - particularly with brevity and clarity | Quipping | Collecting, arranging, processing and editing words and images | Adobe Creative Cloud - Premiere, AfterEffects, Photoshop | Also, I've run TONS of email marketing to engage, educate, and nurture. Brief History: After a year of driving a full-sized school bus to two dozen cities (story in the Experience section of my profile), I spent a dozen years leading marketing teams inside local television stations in Grand Rapids (MI), Chicago, and Colorado Springs. As boredom with the work crept in, I earned an MBA and did project work for a variety of companies to explore interests and identify transferrable skills. In that process, I connected deeply with the team and mission of a bootstrapped software startup, BombBomb. When I joined BombBomb, we had fewer than 10 employees. Since then, we've enjoyed +2,000% growth in team size, +32,000% growth in customer size, and +52,000% growth in revenue. We're a team of 125 people (based in downtown Colorado Springs but also distributed) who are on a mission to rehumanize people who've been dehumanized by system or circumstance; we're funding the effort by helping people rehumanize their business communication with video email and video messages. I've now spent a decade helping people enjoy clearer communication, human connection, and higher conversion by replacing some of their faceless, digital communication with simple, personal video messages in emails, text messages, LinkedIn messages, Slack messages, and similar. I've sent more than 14,000 videos myself and co-authored two (and a half) books on the what, why, who, when, and how of this "relationships through video" movement. #CustomerExperience #HumanConnection #HumanCentered #SalesProcess #VideoTraining #VideoTips
Ben Kazinik Claimed
Content @Mayple, Connecting Brands + World's Top Marketers | eCommerce Growth Mentor
I'm an experienced well-rounded marketing manager. I grew a B2C home decor company to over $1M in annual revenue. I worked for several SAAS B2B companies managing email marketing, content marketing, and affiliates. I've created and managed blogs, affiliate programs, referral programs, influencers, cold email outreach and social media. I have a deep passion for CRO, A/B testing and UI/UX. I'm a humble self-starter, quick learner. Here is my content writing portfolio - 🙌 Email me - [email protected]
Zamil Janmohamed
Technical Sales Leader: Proven Results, Customer Relationships, Process Improvement
Effective leader frequently exceeding sales objectives by refining sales execution practices, acting with speed, agility, and integrity. Multifaceted skills gained in roles across the software ecosystem, bringing a well-rounded, global perspective to any cross-functional management structure. Strong communicator who presents, influences, and negotiates effectively with customers at all levels, including C-suite. Experience managing global and national teams, forming new organizations, and integrating teams. Excellent coach with an eye for improving organizational effectiveness through continuous improvement. Key Skills & Areas of Knowledge include: Software and Services Sales Execution, Establishing & Leading New Teams, Contract (SOW) Development & Negotiation, Retail & Financial Services Industries, Sales Planning & Forecasting, Pre-Sales Proposal Creation, Coaching High-Performing Teams, Salesforce, SQL, MS Excel, PowerPoint
Zandra Moore
CEO & Co-Founder at Panintelligence | Causal AI | Embedded Analytics | SaaS | No-Code |
Zandra Moore is the Co-founder and CEO of Panintelligence and is a tech entrepreneur, specialising in data. Zandra is passionate about enabling more women in the tech industry, improving gender equality and increasing investment in businesses founded by fellow female entrepreneurs. Earlier roles in tech instilled an appreciation of the technology industry and a desire to make a change in the mostly male led sector. Zandra’s unwavering energy has led to the creation of LeanIn Leeds, The No Code Lab and the Yorkshire Growth Tech Group, all with the focus of supporting and championing female representation in the tech industry. As a result, Zandra was invited to become a member of the UK Government’s Taskforce for diversity in fast growth companies in 2022. Zandra’s commitment and dedication to the UK technology sector has led to numerous awards and industry recognition, most recently the Emerging Entrepreneur Award at the Enterprise Awards 2023, Outstanding Entrepreneur Award from Northern Power Women 2023 and her Panintelligence Software won the BI Solution of the Year at the British Data Awards 2023.
Zarema Plaksij
Content Editor & Senior Copywriter ✍️ – Helping you create content that works
Experienced Copywriter and Content Editor, specializing in B2B and B2C content. Able to offer bespoke services to clients that are looking for a strategic creative voice for their products, services or brand, as well as general copywriting and editorial advice.
Zarish Asim
Lead Content Writer & Senior Fashion Designer at Generation Pvt Ltd
Experienced Fashion Designer and content writer with a demonstrated history of generating revenue through content writing in the form of blogs, marketing chips, articles and increasing social media reach through various platforms. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Microsoft Word, Creative Concept Design, Adobe Photoshop, Textiles, and Management. Strong arts and design professional with a BDes focused in Fashion/Apparel Design from Pakistan Institute of Fashion & Design, Lahore. In addition, further strengthened content writing and digital marketing skills through various programs by Google and LUMS (Lahore University of Management Science).
Zari Venhaus
Vice President, Corporate Marketing Communications
Dedicated to growing global B2B brands and the teams that build them. Energized by developing and implementing integrated marketing communications strategies using credible, engaging customer-centric positioning. Focused on creating, distributing and promoting content throughout the customer journey to advance business objectives and drive results. Specialties: Brand strategy, management and research; Positioning and messaging; Digital customer experience; Content marketing - creation, distribution and promotion strategies; Campaign management; Acquisition integration
Zayna Shahzad
VP of Engineering @ OneSignal
Zeke Camusio
CEO at Data Speaks AI
Serial entrepreneur with 3 successful exits and 16 years experience as a digital marketing strategist for over 80 tech startups since 2001. I'm highly analytical and metric-driven. I have a unique gift for dissecting a company's analytics and marketing data, and quickly understanding what's working, what isn't, and how to improve performance quickly. Companies usually call me when they're frustrated after investing heavily in digital marketing, don't get the results they expect, and don't understand exactly why. When I'm not working, I'm playing rugby, writing, reading or exploring the world.
Zelda Perry
Operations Manager | Solving problems you didn't know you have, in ways you don't understand ✊ Like a normal manager, only way cooler 😎
For most people, sales & marketing doesn’t sound deeply fascinating. For me, marketing is a passion I’ve been chasing for several years. Most recently, my work landed me a position with Rebel Recruitment where I’m focused on quality, powerful and repeatable sales and marketing processes. My key focus is making sure Rebel's marketing and targets stay on point, always. ✊