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Content we think is VALUABLE
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Our team is constantly searching The Juice for relevant content for our roles. These are the pieces we’ve found most valuable recently! These pieces cover Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Growth.

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6 Strategies to Improve User Onboarding | Customer Success and Product Experience Software | Gainsight

You worked hard on your product, great onboarding ensures that effort isn't wasted. Here are six simple ways you can improve your onboarding experience.

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The Role of CEO as Functional Supervisor with Bolster's Matt Blumberg

In this episode of Speaker Series Rewind, we revisit Matt Blumberg's discussion with Scott Dorsey sharing themes from his book, Startup CXO.

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Find Website Bugs on Your New Page or Site: a 3-Step Framework

Every time you update or redesign your website, there's a risk of something unpredictable happening that breaks it and every second where something's going wrong is costing you money.
You can't know in advance the impact of your changes, so it's crucial to have a plan of action to catch urgent issues (so you can deploy solutions in record time) and discover elements you can fix or re-optimize as soon as possible.
This piece covers a 3-step process to help you stay on top of your website in the first minutes/hours/days after launching changes

The Challenges and Solutions for Remote Sales Teams

In summary, Chili Piper solves a communication problem, a time problem, and a complication problem - all three of which allow sales teams to complete more calls, close more deals, and make more money.

How to Turn a Case Study into a Customer Success Story

Learn how to create an engaging customer success story and show prospects how your company has successfully impacted your customers' bottom line.

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Product Growth Isn't an Assembly Line

Cross-functional collaboration. We all know it's key to building better products, yet so many companies take a siloed approach to growth.

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