2022 Guides for Event Marketers 2022 Guides for Event Marketers 2022 Guides for Event Marketers 2022 Guides for Event Marketers
Updated Jan 4, 2023 8 entries
2022 Guides for Event Marketers

A collection of Hopin’s top guides for 2022 for event and field marketers.

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The 2022 Guide to Best-In-Class Hybrid Events

The 2022 guide to best-in-class hybrid events: what they are, why they're important, and how to ensure they're successful.

An Expert's Guide to Event Sponsorship (2022 Edition)

Want to unlock event sponsorship success in 2022? Learn how to find, secure, and retain event sponsors in this step-by-step guide.

Virtual Meetings: The All-Encompassing Guide

Join us for a deep dive into the world of virtual meetings. Plus, learn how to make your virtual meetings stand out and deliver real value.

The 2022 Guide to Event Data and Reporting

A practical guide on event reporting and how to use data to navigate event challenges.

Find The Best Platform For Virtual Events: A Buyer's Guide

Find the right platform to create immersive digital experiences that your audiences will love with our buyer's guide to virtual event platforms.

The Complete Guide to Corporate Event Planning in 2022

Learn how to plan successful corporate events in 2022. Plus, get a free corporate event planning checklist.

Engineering Engagement: A Guide for Event Professionals and Experience Makers

Authentic engagement can't be easily hacked. Here, we'll explore how engagement has evolved and what you can do to build engaging experiences today.

The 2022 Guide to Hosting Virtual Events Worth Attending

Discover the secrets to hosting a virtual event that breaks the mold and exceeds all expectations.