A Flipped Approach to Fundraising
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A Flipped Approach to Fundraising
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In the past, we've discussed how one can easily draw parallels between fundraising and a traditional sales & marketing funnel. Just as a sales & marketing funnel can take different forms, so can your fundraising funnel.

Generally, we've laid out the "fundraising funnel" in 3 simple steps:

1Attracting and adding investors (leads) to your top of the funnel on a regular basis.
2.Nurturing and moving those investors through the funnel with the goal of adding them as investors (customers) or engaging them for a future round.
3Building strong relations with your investors to convert them to promoters, evangelists, or future funders (customer success).

Since "Account Based Marketing" has taken over marketing blogs, events, and discussions we've laid out how to apply ABM to your fundraising efforts.

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