How Blockchain Will Help Create the Supply Chain of the Future
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How Blockchain Will Help Create the Supply Chain of the Future
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One of the challenges we've had in supply chain management for decades is getting everybody together up and down a particular supply chain. If you take a very simple system, a relatively confined ecosystem, you would think it would be pretty straightforward for everybody to know who all the players were and what's going on. But it's not.

In the past, there was a constant reconciliation process. No one had a view of the supply chain as a whole or the ability to understand where their piece fits into it and to optimize the flow of products and materials through the supply chain.

Blockchain solves that problem. Blockchain allows you to create a virtual single shared pool of data among all the authorized players in a particular supply chain ecosystem. Within that a shared pool of information, everyone who's involved can see everything that's relevant to them and that they are authorized to see as soon as a change takes place.
With blockchain, people can very quickly identify exactly where, when, and by whom an order was issued: It came from this computer at this particular day and time. On the fly, you could catch something that appears to be out of line and needs to be immediately investigated or addressed.
Because you have shared data and immutable information, you can track the flow of products all the way through the supply chain.

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