9 Commission Errors Caused by Spreadsheets
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9 Commission Errors Caused by Spreadsheets
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As a small organization, using spreadsheets to calculate commissions can make a lot of sense at first because it's so easy to get started. But as your organization grows and looks to scale, it becomes very manual to manage, nevermind almost impossible. Manually calculating commissions can also cause a lot of friction between sales and finance teams, as they're prone to human error, resulting in more discrepancies. We're going to let you in on a little secret: Spreadsheets will fail at scale. And, if done right, problem-specific software can do so much
more than spreadsheets. So if your organization isn't looking to make the transition to automate your sales commissions process just yet, you can use this e-book as a vision into the near future of commission issues you'll start to encounter.

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