Want to delight and inspire your sales reps
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Want to delight and inspire your sales reps

If you want to make your sales reps happy, look beyond what you pay them. Studies have shown that employees also want meaningful work, the right tools to do their job, and flexibility when they need it. They want to feel valued. And
that starts with the right incentive framework.
Most companies, however, don't have one. They're either using Excel or some clunky software to handle it for them. If your plan is locked away on some CFO's laptop, causes arguments every month, and contains so many errors reps keep their own records, it's time you threw it out and started afresh.
How you compensate is just as important as what you compensate. If your employees don't love your commission plan, it won't matter how much you pay them they'll never feel valued. So let's take a look at three qualities your reps want from the commission plan and how you can give it to them.